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Toledo City Paper Raves About THE FLUTTERBIES

Toledo City Paper – The Flutterbies featuring Maureen Davis
Written by TCPAdmin
Tue, 12 May 2009
Sunday, May 24
The Zodiac (formerly Club Bijou)
Country music — it’s either your thing, or it isn’t. And while my opinion has, for a significant
portion of my life, fallen into the latter category, I’m starting to understand the appeal. Thanks to
alt-country, a hybrid genre of country and alternative rock, country music is reaching a broader
audience, becoming more accessible to not-in-my-lifetime listeners. Bands and musicians like
Wilco and Ryan Adams have helped me see the light, and now there’s a female alt-country
counter-part on the rise. Maureen Davis,
formerly of Toledo’s own Maureen Davis and the
Movers, is currently on tour with The Flutterbies (based in California), and their sound has
received tremendous praise for successfully blending the two genres. Davis is the whole
package: soul-stirring vocals, provocative lyrics and sultry looks. This combination, on top of
guitarist Bart Ryan’s mad slide guitar skills, helped them win the 2009 South Bay Music Award
for best country artist. The band is sure to convert other rock enthusiasts who might want to
break on through to the country side.
Also recommended for any existing country music lovers.
The Flutterbies featuring Maureen Davis take on Toledo at The Zodiac on Sunday, May 24. The
Coosters also play.
$5. 9 p.m. 135 S. Byrne Rd.

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