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Maureen Davis fronts this band with a special voice, one that oozes sass and soul and allows her to sell these original songs, each of which exudes an alt-country roots rock feel. “Louder, Louder,” with a slide guitar that really rips, builds to an almost cowpunk intensity. “Hummingbird Heart” has a nice country lilt, while “Damn Glad” is a divorce ballad with a wonderfully wistful bag of mixed emotions. Deftly performed and recorded with a clarity that emphasizes lyrics, these tunes could interest film/TV peeps.

—Music Connection, Vol. 33, April 2009

The Flutterbies (pronounced flutter-byes) has produced such a smooth album that it nearly slipped out of my CD player. It is true what they say about lead singer Maureen Davis’ voice — smooth as glass and just as sharp. The band, which describes itself as alt-country, is fronted by Davis, whose expansive vocal range and oil-well depth truly brings the always thoughtful, often poignant lyrics to a steaming, blistery boil. At times, similar to Aimee Mann in emotion and reach, Davis can belt out a sultry sadness or rage that leaves one’s soul black and bluesy. “Louder Louder” is based on the “true story” of a gravesite haunting. It’s fast, fearless and full of the kinds of hooks that make you want to play it again and again. “Hummingbird Heart,” a slower, more thoughtful track, features a not-out-of-place classical piano. And there’s “How I Get Over You,” featuring wet, breathless vocals flowing with a hungry, lascivious energy. The high-quality songwriting, instrumentals and spirit continue with “Faith in the Rain,” “Kill Him with Kisses,” and “Damn Glad.”….

—Ol Skool Rods magazine, May 2010

…the Flutterbies sound can best be described as Bonnie Raitt on a blind date with Beck while being served a shot of Southern Comfort by Janis Joplin in a Louisiana juke joint… When asked about the Flutterbies inspiration, Mo, laughing, searches for the words to describe the bands influence and unique sound. “Heartache and sex…”

—, March 2010

The Flutterbies has what it takes to make it: beautiful songs, great songwriting and in Maureen Davis, a singer that can capture the audience…”

—Arndt Peltner, Lufthansa In-Flight Radio

Maureen Davis’ voice has all the great qualities of singers like Lucy Kalplansky, Pat Benatar (especially when she ‘belts out’), and Sue Foley while the guys in the band create a solid yet playful foundation…

—, March 2009

Davis is the whole package: soul-stirring vocals, provocative lyrics and sultry looks. This combination, on top of guitarist Bart Ryan’s mad slide guitar skills, helped them win the 2009 South Bay Music Award for best country artist. The band is sure to convert other rock enthusiasts who might want to break on through to the country side.

—Toledo City Paper, May 12, 2009

…Davis with her Alt Country band brings 6 great songs that makes one look forward to a bigger release… What is clear when listening to Texan-tainted “How I Get Over You”, country waltz “Faith In Rain” and the subdued “Hummingbird Heart” is that Davis is a master of all styles and allows her voice to drag like only the greatest vocalists can.

—Rootstime.Be, March 2009